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Zachary Soreff
President & Partner, Sawyer Studios

Zachary Soreff is currently the President & Partner of Sawyer Studios, and runs entertainment marketing campaigns for such clients as 20th Century Fox, Lionsgate, Focus Features, Vimeo, IFC, Magnolia Pictures, HBO, PBS and many more. He has over two decades of experience in marketing across the film, TV and lifestyle industries with an astute insight on developing industry trends.


Soreff is at the cutting edge of the most progressive emerging techniques used to market digitally-enabled, streaming and on-demand films and TV shows. He works with distributors, producers and sales companies to devise innovative marketing campaigns and is a leading industry authority on how set-up box, internet, cable/satellite, mobile, tablet, retail and traditional media work together; and how to make the most of real-time data alongside multi-variate optimization to ensure maximum return throughout the entertainment release life cycle. He has been tapped to speak at top industry events including SXSW, Toronto Film Festival, Independent Film Week and IAB Programmatic Summit as well as education programs at NYU Film School and the New School Film School.