Creating a Rock Solid 4K Production Workflow – Jem Schofield of theC47 DETAILS

Whether we like it or not 4K acquisitions is already a part of, or will be a part of, our productions going forward. There are now digital cinema cameras from all major manufacturers (some that are extremely affordable) that shoot 4K. The reality is that some clients are also already asking or demanding 4K on certain projects (Netflix mandates it). For us, it’s only a matter of time!

This session will cover the realities of 4K production including the pluses and minuses of projects shot in either UHD (4K for the masses), or DCI 4K. It will also touch on post-production considerations.

Camera choices, media & storage considerations, production to post workflows and working with 4K content will all be addressed in the session. Additionally, shooting in 4K will be a core focus with tips on how to successfully monitor your image (including working with LUTs), so that you can keep critical focus and produce the images intended when capturing footage at such a high resolutions.

Audience: Filmmakers, Producers, Directors of Photography, Camera Operators and anyone that wants to understand 4K in modern day production environments.