TVMC – Television & Video Marketers Conference

April 6, 2016 | Convene Conference Center

8:00 a.m. Registration Opens in “The Networking Zone”
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8:55 a.m. Welcoming Remarks
9:00 a.m. Opening Keynote:  Promoting Television Today

General session


Today’s marketplace presents new challenges for promoters of television and video. Streaming allows real-time telecasts, and TV Everywhere apps satisfy viewers watching on mobile devices. Today’s challenges now usually require that you first engage consumers to download an app, and then attract viewers to watch. This leading marketing executive shares tactics and highlights a few campaigns that are effective in today’s environment of increased access to television

9:30 a.m. Attracting Viewers: The Art of Tune-in Promotions
There is no bigger challenge to the industry today, than to attract viewers.  The first step toward meeting this challenge is communicating when, or where to “tune-in.” This session kicks off the conversation and addresses a series of options for marketers from video or on-air promotions to special mobile apps designed to aid in “search” for content, to managing tune-in ad inventory.Panelists:

  • Rhodes Mason, President, Internet Video Archive
  • Chip Meehan, Vice President, Content Partnerships, Comcast Media 360
  • Chris Pizzurro, Head of Business Development, Sales & Marketing, Canoe
10:15 a.m. Morning Break in the “Networking Zone”
10:30 a.m. Attracting Viewers: Events, Stunts, Contests and Publicity
The topic of attracting viewers continues with a focus on the important and creative role played by popular tactics like publicity, events, sponsorships and stunt promotions often using licensed properties and merchandise.  How does social media play an important part in this mix?  Can these tactics be cost-effective and offer a favorable ROI? Learn from these pros who are making lots of noise in the market while also delivering measureable results.Panelists:

  • Susanne McAvoy, Executive Vice President, Marketing, Creative & Communications, Crown Media Family Networks
  • Fred Seibert, Founder and CEO, Frederator Studios
  • Zachary Soreff, President & Partner, Sawyer Studios
  • Puja Vohra, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Digital, truTV
11:15 a.m. Special Keynote Presentation: How Streaming Is Impacting The Promotion of TV & Video
General sessionThe internet has made the marketer’s job more challenging.  Every day, millions of hours of original content are made available across every platform. Breaking through the clutter and attracting new viewers is the top priority.This keynote interview features an expert in creating talent partnerships, TV & Film integration and branded content promotions.   In this conversation, he will share his expertise of how to encourage binge-watching, addressing the challenges of cord-cutting, using celebrities and “influencers” to promote online video content, and creating partnerships between TV networks and brands.


  • Claire Atkinson, Media Reporter, New York Post


  • Jarrod Moses, Founder, President & CEO, United Entertainment Group

12:00 p.m.   Fun Lunch: “The Pitch and a Pickle”


Once you’ve chosen your lunch from the buffet, grab a chair at any table. Each table is decorated to inform you about a particular sponsor, and introduce you to some other attendees you might not yet know.  Or, re-connect with colleagues.  Bon appètit!

1:00 p.m. Afternoon Keynote – Changing Position Can Be A Funny Thing
General session
Humor is the focus of IFC’s re-positioning into a network featuring original comedy series.  Attracting new audience segments has been the result.  Learn more about IFC’s process in this interview with the executive who leads the network. It’s guaranteed to make you smile.Keynote Guest:

  • Jennifer Caserta, President and General Manager, IFC
1:30 p.m.   Session Three A – Promoting Transactions: Subscriptions


Concurrent breakout session


The success of television is dependent on its ability to generate revenues.  One revenue stream is subscription. This session features three case studies. Each study addresses the topic of attracting and retaining subscribers from the perspective of premium network, on demand services, or from the perspective of the provider.

Case Studies Presented By:

  • Tammy Ross, VP of Strategic Initiatives & Integrated Marketing – HBO Sports
  • Michael Tribolet, Chairman, Co-founder and CEO, YipTV


1:30 p.m.   Session Three B – Using Characters in Promotions


Concurrent breakout session


Characters are the heart of any TV or video program, whether it is reality, scripted, a documentary, a feature film, an entertainment special or even a live sports event.   The “characters” offer marketers the opportunity to communicate the program’s unique personality to audiences.   Here are three unique case studies, each offering a different perspective for building, and then tracking, an audience when the characters are used to define the featured content within the promotion.

Case Studies Presented By:

  • Dave Kaplan, Senior Vice President, Research & Insights, Bravo and Oxygen Media at NBCUniversal, Inc. and Brian Katz, SVP, Audience & Purchaser Insights, TiVo Research
  • Andy Myers, President, M3 Creative
  • Randy Rovegno, Vice President, Marketing at Ovation
2:15 p.m. Early Afternoon Break in the “Networking Zone”
2:30 p.m.   Session Four A – Promoting Transactions: Engaging With A Partner


Concurrent breakout session


Promoting Transactions: Engaging With A Partner

Another revenue stream of the TV and video business depends heavily on the support of others who serve as partner organizations for tie-in promotions.  Usually, the partner is seeking a transaction of their product or service, while the co-promotion also drives viewership of a network, special, or series. Partners include brand advertisers, licensing rights holders, merchandisers, and retailers to name a few.  This session will feature case studies that address how these partners are playing an increasing role in co-promotions from rewards programs, to product integration, to gift with purchase, and special offers.


Case Studies Presented by:


  • Luis de la Parra, SVP Integrated Marketing, Univision
  • Eric Steinert, EVP, Chief Revenue Officer, ADSPACE Networks
2:30 p.m.   Session Four B – Promoting TV and Video To Multicultural Audiences


Concurrent breakout session


Promoting TV and Video To Multicultural Audiences

Today’s demographics indicate that there are a greater number of multicultural viewers than ever before, and multicultural audiences comprise a majority of viewers for select content.  These are audiences too big and too valuable to ignore.  Each year, NAMIC recognizes outstanding campaigns with the EMMA Award.  Hear about three campaigns including at least one 2015 EMMA Award winner.

Facilitator: P. Sean Gupta, VP, Programming Strategy, BET Networks

Case Study Presented by:

  • Yvette Baez, VP Integrated Marketing, Univision
  • Marisol Martinez, Vice President, CRM at Time Warner Cable
  • Brucetta Williams, VP, 360 Consumer Marketing & Brand Strategy, BET Networks
3:15 p.m. Late Afternoon Break in the “Networking Zone”
3:30 p.m. Roundtable Discussion – Topic Table Time

Want to get the chance to speak directly, one-on-one with others interested in the same core topics and issues?  This session is perfect for you.  Join any one of the “topic tables” for a brief, moderated discussion in a small group.  Then, when the bell rings, switch to another table that interests you. This is a great way to get inspiration, learn more, and to meet others in the business.Topics will most likely include:

  • How to Engage a Brand in your Promotion-Hosted by Evan Fleischer, Executive Vice President of Brand Partnerships and Business Development, Believe Entertainment Group
  • Understanding Audience Segments
  • Using Digital Advertising for Tune-in
  • Driving Viewership of TV Everywhere – Hosted by Anne Cowan, Senior Vice President, Communications & Marketing​, CTAM
  • A Legal Primer for Sweepstakes & Offers
  • Developing Cool Creative
  • Choosing a Spokesperson
  • Assisting Viewers In Their Search For Content
  • Technology That Supports Tune-In Advertising – Hosted by Chris Pizzurro, Head of Business Development, Sales & Marketing, Canoe
4:15 pm. Closing Keynote: Building a Successful Partnership with an Advertiser

This interview session includes a top marketing executive from a brand and another from a programmer, in what promises to be an enlightening, and definitely enjoyable discussion about the roles each plays in the success of attracting and retaining audiences.

4:45 p.m. The Awards Program: The 2016 Video Marketers Awards

Celebrity Presenters: To be announced


  • Dana Feldman, Vice President, Marketing and Promotion, Sinclair Broadcast Group
5:30 p.m. Awards Reception
6:30 p.m. Event Concludes